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Kerry Vincent
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  135 pts
Monday @ 10:47 am
Good morning folks. I am on pins and needles. Hubby just left for a very big interview. This job would be great if he gets it. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Hope you're all having a stress free Monday. Stay warm!
Sending lots of luck and prayers your way Carla!
Monday @ 12:22 pm by janell
Oh Boy!!! Hope it turns out well!!! You deserve a break!!!
Monday @ 6:19 pm by Sally Hackney
Thanks all. The are conducting interviews all week so we won't hear back until next week. Oh it's gonna be a long week. I hate waiting LOL!
Monday @ 7:10 pm by cakesbycarla
Crossing my fingers and toes and legs (but that hurts as my age) so I will stick with the fingers. I will also say a prayer for you.
Tuesday @ 8:56 am by kathredtiaraprincess
Thanks Kath!
Tuesday @ 9:42 am by cakesbycarla
So how did it go Carla?
Wednesday @ 9:34 am by kerry
Hi interview went well so now we have to wait and see what they decide. Hopefully we'll find out either way after Easter on Monday.
Wednesday @ 5:35 pm by cakesbycarla
Crossing fingers and toes!
Today @ 2:12 am by kerry
  135 pts
Monday @ 7:23 pm
Well back to reality vacation is over, way to short.
Welcome back Sandy, hope you had a wonderful vacation!
Monday @ 8:58 pm by janell
Welcome back Sandy.
Tuesday @ 8:59 am by kathredtiaraprincess
Glad you had a good vacay. Welcome home!
Tuesday @ 9:43 am by cakesbycarla
Hope you had a great time Sandy!!
Tuesday @ 12:13 pm by Sally Hackney
The good things fly by!!!
Wednesday @ 9:34 am by kerry
  125 pts
Tuesday @ 9:00 am
Okay, who has started to work and plan their OSSA project? I have the dummies and last evening I thought who is the reall dummie here - my mind is blank.
LOL! I'm sure inspiration will come to you soon. Have a great day and have fun with the baking today.
Tuesday @ 9:45 am by cakesbycarla're way ahead of me Kath!! I keep having ideas roll around in my head and then decide ...naw....I don't think so. Inspiration is not coming to me.
Tuesday @ 12:12 pm by Sally Hackney
I have a few ideas but haven't ordered anything yet.
Tuesday @ 4:52 pm by janell
Good question there Katharine!
Wednesday @ 9:32 am by kerry
The theme is wide open it can be anything
Wednesday @ 9:33 am by kerry
  110 pts
Monday @ 10:32 am
Mother Nature has completely lost her mind and in my opinion needs a shrink -- 80ºF ++ or 27ºC ++ for the past two weeks. Plants flowering madly and tonight the forecast? 20ºF ++ or - 7ºC. So what do I have to do today? Try to save my roses and plants (something new to do after the bakeries) will be out there covering them in plastic to try and prevent damage ugh! The vagaries of living in tornado alley 4 climates in a day!
Good Morning Kerry, Mother Nature surley needs a good spanking she just can't make up her mind. If the flowers do get some frost, in the morning give them a light spray from the garden hose and it takes the frost off. All I know is, we are going to be in for an interesting spring.
Monday @ 10:35 am by kathredtiaraprincess
Yes - such a bummer. I am not liking the snow and ice here!
Monday @ 10:42 am by cakesbycarla
Yes Katharine, it is a freeze, so not sure they will make it -- what about the plastic bags?
Monday @ 10:43 am by kerry
Not just frost.
Monday @ 10:43 am by kerry
So annoying Carla!
Monday @ 11:20 am by kerry
I agree, Mother Nature has lost it! Rainy and cold here today. Kerry, I hope your flowers make it!
Monday @ 12:24 pm by janell
It's just nuts ......I feel like revolting but don't know how!!!!
Monday @ 6:21 pm by Sally Hackney
Now it's heading back to another heat wave!
Tuesday @ 7:16 pm by kerry
Not looking bad so far Janell -- I did the plastic bags and it seems to have worked Katharine.
Tuesday @ 7:17 pm by kerry
  85 pts
Monday @ 9:57 am
Happy Monday all! Today I have to do laundry...ugh! I never thought I'd see the day when I had to load up laundry and go to a laundromat. Life has definitely changed. Oh must have clean off I go!
Morning Sally, laundry is never a fun task but having to travel with it makes it worse. Remember one day at a time and keep smiling.
Monday @ 10:36 am by kathredtiaraprincess
I am always collecting quarters for laundry here - had paying for each load when I have a perfectly good washer and dryer sitting in storage. At least the apartment has a washer and dryer upstairs I can use. Happy washing my friend.
Monday @ 10:44 am by cakesbycarla
hate...hate paying for each load...
Monday @ 10:44 am by cakesbycarla
  85 pts
Tuesday @ 8:59 am
I know we are all done with winter, but snow last night - really Mother Nature is not my favorite lady. Goulash soup today and a little baking for fun. There is a run for breast cancer I am thinking of donating cookies for the end of walk. I have the new cutter here so today will be fun.
Mother nature just won't let go!!!
Tuesday @ 12:12 pm by Sally Hackney
We are going to be 75 by the end of the week. Perfect Easter weather!
Tuesday @ 7:57 pm by partyart101
Are we, we thought so and a that freeze. now tomorrow .... maybe rough weather.
Wednesday @ 9:33 am by kerry
  85 pts
Monday @ 10:39 am
Good Morning Cake Junkies, it is a wet & cold morning here. Chicken Noodle soup is on the menu. This week I am reviewing my business plan as I do every year and looking to see where I will make changes. Have Fun and remember it is easier to smile and think happy thoughts than it is to frown.
Hi Kath - Yes cold and icy here. A little snow fell too during the night. I was so ready to throw my heart into Springtime. Oh well, this too shall pass. Have a great day.
Monday @ 10:42 am by cakesbycarla
Have a great day Kath! Chicken Noodle soup sounds wonderful to me!
Monday @ 12:22 pm by janell
I know you must be sick of the winter. I was in a bad mood when I realized it would only be 47 degrees here today!
Monday @ 6:20 pm by Sally Hackney
  70 pts
04/11/14 @ 4:18 pm
Happy Friday all! It occurred to me that I haven't really reported on myself, so here goes. I have currently hung up my apron and am not doing cakes (I have no counter space to speak of in this little apartment) but it's just as well, as I kinda needed a break from it. I have returned to creative writing and am enjoying it thoroughly. I'm working on a middle school reading level novel right now. Just finished typing chapter 7 today. I'm happy. Have a great day!
Hi Carla! I get that you need a break from cakes; I was exactly the same, and still am to a certain extent whilst I'm studying. It's just too much to do it all! Sounds like you've got an exciting project on the go there with that novel though! You'll have to keep us posted on your progress with it! Good luck!
04/11/14 @ 4:30 pm by Justin Lynch go girl!!! There's never been any doubt about your intelligence level and ability to do whatever you want to do. I know you will do great. Keep us posted on how it goes!
04/11/14 @ 4:31 pm by Sally Hackney
Thanks all! When I was twelve, I used an old hand me down type writer to type my stories. I had one story that was 50 pages (single spaced -front an back of the notebook paper I used to type on LOL). I eventually saved some birthday money and my parents helped me buy a brand new Brother typewriter with correction tape! Oh that was a joyous day. I got a few short stories and poems published while I was in college. Having the kids sort of put a damper on it, but I did still start some stories while I was in Texas. It feels good to be back at the keyboard.
Saturday @ 1:46 pm by cakesbycarla
  60 pts
Tuesday @ 12:14 pm
Morning kiddo's. Didn't get the laundry done was just too darn cold to get out. Today it must be done!!! Hope you have a great day!!!
Hope you were able to get out today and do laundry.
Tuesday @ 7:53 pm by partyart101
Ugh laundry, on my agenda today too!
Wednesday @ 9:32 am by kerry
  60 pts
Monday @ 8:47 am
Good morning all! Light and fun week ahead. Started this morning off with my little one loosing his first tooth! Wishing you all a good day!
Tooth fairy duty, how fun.
Monday @ 10:37 am by kathredtiaraprincess
Yes playing tooth fairy is fun. And then easter bunny soon after. Fun week!
Monday @ 10:45 am by cakesbycarla
The tooth fairy "bill" sure has gone up! My little one ran to his Dad this morning after I pulled the tooth out and said "Dad, this tooth is worth $1000!!" He's a dreamer and he may get $1.00 from the tooth fairy!! LOL
Monday @ 12:26 pm by janell
  60 pts
Wednesday @ 9:28 am
Morning cakers. Hope everyone is well. I got the laundry done but caught my finger in the door of the stupid washer at the laundromat and it took a huge chunk out of my finger....I bled all over the place....was terribly embarrassed and now have a nasty little wound to nurse. God please give me my normal life back!!! (just kidding.....I would not want that other life back....I just need this one to get on a normal track). When I get on my feet again believe me my first purchase will be a washer and dryer.
I totally relate. I feel like the animals at the zoo. This tiny apartment is driving the four of us completely bonkers. We only have two bedrooms and the kids are fighting constantly which i think is due to not having a space of their own. I miss my washer and dryer so much. It will get better for us my friend. I truly believe that. Just gotta hang tight and keep marching on. Hugs from me.
Wednesday @ 9:36 am by cakesbycarla
Oh ykes must be something in the water, I did a similar thing nd caught my finger in the wrought iron on one of my chairs, painful for weeks.
Today @ 2:16 am by kerry
  60 pts
Wednesday @ 4:04 pm
Beautiful afternoon here today, hoping the weather holds as we have a big day at the preschool tomorrow with the egg hunt and cook out at the park. My husband is off so I'm dragging him to work with me! Time sure seems to be flying by, can't believe it's already the middle of April!
This year has flown by!
Wednesday @ 5:35 pm by cakesbycarla
So far so good!
Today @ 2:15 am by kerry
  55 pts
Tuesday @ 8:26 pm
Fun with Sugar April 27, have you signed up? Cheapest classes on the planet with top notch artists!
I wish...just won't be able to this time.
Wednesday @ 9:25 am by Sally Hackney
Next time Sally, there will be another chance you get yourself sorted.
Wednesday @ 9:31 am by kerry
  50 pts
04/11/14 @ 9:44 am
Morning cakers! Hope you all have a splendid Friday. I am going to be doing a safari themed baby shower cake at the end of the month and it's been so long since I've decorated a cake I don't even know if I remember how! We shall see I guess. I also ordered some of the Pettinince fondant. I had seen where Justin posted he had used it and loved it so I thought I'd give it a try. Have any of you all used it before?
I'm sure you'll be fine my friend. It's like riding a bike, I think lol! Let us know what you think of the Pettinince!
04/11/14 @ 4:15 pm by cakesbycarla
Sally, Pettinice is marvellous! I have even got my LOCAL store to stock it, can you believe! It is, by far the BEST fondant I have ever used!
04/11/14 @ 4:27 pm by Justin Lynch
  45 pts
Yesterday @ 2:16 pm
Hi folks! Happy Friday. We won't have school tomorrow, so today feels like Friday to me. Going to hang out with my family this weekend and maybe visit my niece on Sunday if I'm well by then. Just started chapter 20 of my little book I'm writing, so that feels pretty good. Love to all.
Have a happy weekend -- and keep on with the book. I am also invested in writing a book.
Today @ 2:15 am by kerry
  35 pts
Yesterday @ 4:53 pm
Well the weather held, at least for the preschool event. I kept busy hiding all the eggs for each class and then running back and forth to take the school pictures! Lots of fun for everyone. Still overcast and misting, storm to hit later tonight. Hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend!
Sounds like a light hearted fun afternoon.
Today @ 2:14 am by kerry
  35 pts
Saturday @ 9:03 am
Happy Saturday all! Supposed to be another hot day and then be freezing again by Monday......whaaaat???? Oh is supposed to warm up quickly after that so I won't complain. Take care today my friends and enjoy your weekend.
Happy Day Sally and everyone else.... so happy to see posts again...
Saturday @ 8:54 pm by partyart101
I know Leslie...we all got off track for a while but hopefully we will all get in the groove again.
Sunday @ 9:58 am by Sally Hackney
  25 pts
04/10/14 @ 5:53 pm
A 5th birthday cake for my dearest friends' little girl. Her birthday is tomorrow!
Oh she's gonna love pretty Justin!!
04/10/14 @ 5:54 pm by Sally Hackney
Gorgeous! Perfect for a little girl!
04/11/14 @ 4:14 pm by cakesbycarla
  25 pts
04/01/14 @ 9:43 pm
Hi all! I know I've been neglect in posting. Life has gotten in the way of so many things these past months. I try to keep up with you all on Facebook but I feel bad I haven't been here. I'm afraid my mood isn't what it should be these days. It doesn't look like I'll make FWS and I pray I will be able to come to OSSAS. It would break my heart not to be there.
Hope you're all doing well and life is being kind.
04/01/14 @ 9:44 pm by Sally Hackney
Sally we will find a way to get you to OSSAS don't you worry about that.
04/02/14 @ 12:32 am by Sandys Sweets
Hi Sally! Sending lots of good thoughts out for you! I hope you find peace soon! Hope to see you at the OSSAS!
04/03/14 @ 1:21 pm by Justin Lynch
Yes, maybe Sally can bunk in with some one!
04/04/14 @ 9:23 pm by kerry
Sally those Texas ladies will get you there. They are a great group.
04/06/14 @ 12:26 pm by kathredtiaraprincess
Thank you are so precious to me. Hopefully by Sept I will standing on my own two feet again!
04/06/14 @ 12:29 pm by Sally Hackney
I hope you can even hitch a ride to FWS Sally!
04/06/14 @ 1:38 pm by kerry
Thank you for the sage advice Katharine.
04/06/14 @ 1:39 pm by kerry
Just take it easy Sally!
Monday @ 10:34 am by kerry
  25 pts
03/19/14 @ 5:45 pm
Good evening everyone! Just got home from uni, can you believe I only have five taught sessions left? It's crazy! All the best Kerry for your airing of Save My Bakery tonight! I'll look forward to watching this when I'm in Boston! X
Thank you JUstin it is a ratings success, thank goodness.
03/29/14 @ 8:16 pm by kerry
Very pleased for you Kerry! Here's to even more success with the show!
04/01/14 @ 5:22 pm by Justin Lynch
Looks like it is going well Justin!
Monday @ 10:36 am by kerry