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Kerry Vincent
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Saturday @ 3:05 pm
Happy Easter to everyone one of our Cake Junkies. I hope it is a great day with family and friends. We are closed and looking forward to an extra hour of sleep, church, painting some display cabinets for cafe before getting ready to grill out.
Happy Easter Kath! Hope you have a lovely time!
Saturday @ 6:00 pm by Justin Lynch
Happy Easter to you as well Kath. Sounds like yours is all planned out and will be great.
Sunday @ 10:48 am by Sally Hackney
Have a wonderful Easter Katherine!
Sunday @ 12:32 pm by janell
Happy Easter dear Katharine! XXXX
Sunday @ 3:55 pm by kerry
Happy Easter Kath. Glad you get a day off!
Sunday @ 4:31 pm by cakesbycarla
It was a good day!
Sunday @ 10:47 pm by kerry
  135 pts
Saturday @ 5:59 pm
Good evening all! Having a great time in Boston! I can't believe how quick this trip is going; I only have two nights left. Hope everyone is well! Enjoy your Easter weekend!
Hi Justin...are you traveling alone? Sounds like you've had a great time!
Sunday @ 10:49 am by Sally Hackney
Glad you're enjoying your trip! Have a wonderful Easter!
Sunday @ 12:30 pm by janell
Glad you and your mother are having a great time Justin and hope you found an egg or two! LOL.
Sunday @ 3:55 pm by kerry
Happy you're having a fun trip!
Sunday @ 4:31 pm by cakesbycarla
Looking forward to pics!
Sunday @ 10:48 pm by kerry
I shall upload some pics when I get home tomorrow :-)
Monday @ 9:10 am by Justin Lynch
  135 pts
Saturday @ 9:52 am
Today is Saturday and I am going to do something I haven't done in a very long while. I am nervous and full of anticipation. I won't say what it is ...;but send good thoughts my way today. It will either be fun or a disaster. I'm hoping for the fun part. Either attitude is nothing ventured nothing gained.........right????
I wish you lots of luck! I smell....a date? :0) Or job interview? Let us know how it goes. I'm dying to find out!
Saturday @ 10:49 am by cakesbycarla
Good thoughts coming your way Sally.
Saturday @ 2:57 pm by kathredtiaraprincess
Good luck Sally! May it be successful whatever it is!
Saturday @ 6:01 pm by Justin Lynch
So now we know --but this is not a setback, just move on!
Sunday @ 4:02 pm by kerry
Count it as a lucky warning.
Sunday @ 4:02 pm by kerry
  120 pts
04/17/14 @ 2:16 pm
Hi folks! Happy Friday. We won't have school tomorrow, so today feels like Friday to me. Going to hang out with my family this weekend and maybe visit my niece on Sunday if I'm well by then. Just started chapter 20 of my little book I'm writing, so that feels pretty good. Love to all.
Have a happy weekend -- and keep on with the book. I am also invested in writing a book.
Friday @ 2:15 am by kerry
I'm so proud of you! I'm assuming you will be trying to get the book published?
Friday @ 9:18 am by Sally Hackney
I have several publishers interested Sally but I am in no hurry, they could dead before I am ready, but it is fun.
Friday @ 8:51 pm by kerry
Oops add 'be' after could!
Friday @ 8:52 pm by kerry
Thanks for the encouragement Kerry. Sally - I am going to do my very best to get it published. ;0)
Saturday @ 9:30 am by cakesbycarla
Vanguard Press is good for self publishing
Sunday @ 11:06 pm by kerry
Thanks for the link Kerry!!
Monday @ 10:44 am by cakesbycarla
I think they are pretty good!
Yesterday @ 11:20 pm by kerry
  120 pts
Friday @ 10:11 pm
Hi all! What a good friday it has been - very fitting since it's good friday. ;0) My husband got the job we were hoping for so we'll be moving about 90 mins from our current setup. It should be a good fit as it will be a bit of a raise from his salary in TX and cost of living is low. Happy dance! Thanks for all the prayers and support. I love you guys!
That's wonderful news Carla!!
Saturday @ 9:44 am by janell
Thank you Janell!
Saturday @ 10:50 am by cakesbycarla
Where are you off to love?
Sunday @ 4:03 pm by kerry
About 90 minutes west of Lincoln, so I'm still within a comfortable distance from my family and that was very important as well.
Sunday @ 4:32 pm by cakesbycarla
Sounds a perfect fix
Sunday @ 10:47 pm by kerry
Thanks Kerry. We are excited to look for houses!
Monday @ 10:44 am by cakesbycarla
House hunting is fun, moving not so much!
Yesterday @ 11:21 pm by kerry
  110 pts
Sunday @ 10:52 am
Blessed Easter everyone!! Well...I swear I have a spirit out there who is mad at me and jabs me at every turn. I hinted at something yesterday and now I will tell you what it was and what happened. I was introduced to a nice gentlelman (friend of a friend). I finally agreed I would meet him and get to know one another. We had been conversing thru email mostly. Yesterday he calls a couple of hours before we are to meet to tell me he had to cancel. He had failed to mention he was coming off a relationship
and he got an email from her saying she knew what he was doing and knew where we were to meet and she would be there to welcome us. WHAAAT?????? Needless to say I will not be meeting him anywhere...anytime. To say my life has been bizarre these last months is a huge understatement. UGH!!!!!
Sunday @ 10:54 am by Sally Hackney
Give it time give it time Sally, there is no hurry.
Sunday @ 3:54 pm by kerry
Wow! How weird! Yes - apparently the universe is telling you it's too soon. LOL! Sorry it didn't pan out.
Sunday @ 4:31 pm by cakesbycarla
Yes I agree, could be trouble.
Sunday @ 10:49 pm by kerry
Take your time Sally! Look after yourself!
Monday @ 9:10 am by Justin Lynch
Thanks all...I am embarrassed I put all this personal info here. I feel like you all are family but when I read it I think it was a little too personal to put on social media. was a good lesson..
Monday @ 9:50 am by Sally Hackney
I wouldn't worry Sally -- a trouble shared ...
Yesterday @ 11:22 pm by kerry
  110 pts
Saturday @ 10:52 am
Happy Saturday folks! Going for an egg hunt at my folks' today. Should be fun. Still pumped about hubby getting his job offer. Now I will be in planning mode for our move. Have a great day!
Whaat???? Hubby got the job???? YEA!!!!!
Saturday @ 11:26 am by Sally Hackney
Congratulations to the both of you.
Saturday @ 2:56 pm by kathredtiaraprincess
Congratulations Carla! Sounds like a good Easter present! Where will you be moving?
Saturday @ 6:00 pm by Justin Lynch
Congrats on the job and happy Easter Carla
Sunday @ 4:01 pm by kerry
Thanks everyone!!
Sunday @ 4:31 pm by cakesbycarla
  95 pts
Sunday @ 4:35 pm
Happy Easter everyone! It's been a lovely day here. Now we've got storm clouds brewing and will be getting rain it looks like. That's okay though, the farmers will appreciate it - it's been dry around here.
Happy Easter Carla! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!
Monday @ 9:07 am by Justin Lynch
We are having a huge drought here...the worst in years and years. This little place I'm renting has NO grass (none at all) in the backyard.
Monday @ 9:45 am by Sally Hackney
Weather is up and down like a yo yo.
Yesterday @ 11:26 pm by kerry
  95 pts
Monday @ 9:47 am
Morning!! I had a lovely Easter luncheon with my family..hope you all had a lovely day as well. Gorgeous day out today!!! Have a great Monday all!
Good to hear it Sally. It makes me smile thinking of you seeing your family again. Have a good day my friend.
Monday @ 10:43 am by cakesbycarla
Hi Sally! Good to hear you had some family time there!
Yesterday @ 5:15 pm by Justin Lynch
Best place to be with family.
Yesterday @ 11:28 pm by kerry
  85 pts
Yesterday @ 10:14 am
Morning all. Hope you have a great Tuesday. Glad to hear Justin made it home ok. He is such a little globe Feeling the weight of the world today and need to have some good news. Kind of at the end of my rope and don't know what to do next. I know you've all been there too. is what it is and we shouldn't complain. It's easy enough to look over the fence and see others struggling with far more than I'm dealing with.
Hi Sally, I think it is more the waiting to move on is upsetting you. You can complain, sometime that is just what is needed. Sending you a hug.
Yesterday @ 11:17 am by kathredtiaraprincess
Sending you some positive thoughts tonight Sally! No matter where in the world you are, and how nice tha hotel is, you can't beat your own bed! Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight, and won't be too jet lagged! Famous last words... Lol.
Yesterday @ 5:18 pm by Justin Lynch
Sally you have been through a lot it will take a while to distance yourself.
Yesterday @ 11:25 pm by kerry
  85 pts
Monday @ 9:06 am
Good morning all! I'm all packed and ready to head home. I still have until this afternoon here as my flight isn't until 19:15 this evening, so once I've checked out I'll just have a little wander round town. I'll be glad to get the next couple of weeks over with as I know they are going to be busy as I only have three weeks left in uni, but two important assignments left. Almost there! Happy Easter Monday folks!
So glad you had a great trip Justin...and a safe flight home!
Monday @ 9:46 am by Sally Hackney
Have a safe trip home.
Monday @ 10:14 am by cakesbycarla
Yes, make the most of it all.
Yesterday @ 11:26 pm by kerry
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Sunday @ 3:45 pm
Happy Easter, happy holiday weekend, Passover, happy everything for everyone regardless of your religious persuasions -- the higher thought that everyone must come together in harmony and tolerance instead of endless strife and conflict. Let's give that a rest and get on!
Well said. Happy Easter Kerry!
Sunday @ 5:34 pm by cakesbycarla
Happy Easter Carla!
Sunday @ 10:45 pm by kerry
Happy Easter Kerry! Hope you've had a lovely weekend!
Monday @ 9:08 am by Justin Lynch
Hope your Easter was lovely Kerry!
Monday @ 9:48 am by Sally Hackney
Quiet Sally, quite the way we like it. No drama.
Yesterday @ 11:22 pm by kerry
Thank you everyone.
Yesterday @ 11:24 pm by kerry
  60 pts
04/17/14 @ 4:53 pm
Well the weather held, at least for the preschool event. I kept busy hiding all the eggs for each class and then running back and forth to take the school pictures! Lots of fun for everyone. Still overcast and misting, storm to hit later tonight. Hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend!
Sounds like a light hearted fun afternoon.
Friday @ 2:14 am by kerry
Happy Easter Janell!
Saturday @ 6:02 pm by Justin Lynch
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Yesterday @ 11:20 pm
Reminder if you won't be home in time to watch Save MY Bakery tomorrow evening on Food Network don't forget to record before you are off to work!
I will be watching!!
Today @ 9:49 am by Sally Hackney
I am hoping to be home in time.
Today @ 11:51 am by kathredtiaraprincess
  45 pts
Sunday @ 3:44 pm
FNTV is airing this weeks show again right now you can catch the last twenty minutes if you missed it!
Watched it! :-)
Monday @ 9:09 am by Justin Lynch
What did you think?
Yesterday @ 11:23 pm by kerry
  45 pts
Today @ 11:54 am
Morning Cake Junkies, I have cakes in oven, breakfast rush is over, now is the time to check in. I hope to get time to work on OSSA project. I have everything and time is getting past me again. Have a great day.
Oh Kath...I haven't even started really thinking about my OSSAS. I so hope I come up with something soon !
Today @ 2:29 pm by Sally Hackney
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Friday @ 9:22 am
Morning all! Is everyone ready for Easter? For the first time in years I'll get to be at my family Easter dinner. How cool is that?? Hope you all have a great weekend as well.
Happy Easter Sally! May there be many laughs and lots of love!
Saturday @ 6:02 pm by Justin Lynch
Nothing better I say!
Sunday @ 4:03 pm by kerry
  35 pts
Today @ 9:52 am
Hey All! Supposed to have storms today...I'll believe it when I see it! I can't get used to not ever seeing rain. It rained so much in Kentucky and it was always so green! There is no grass in my yard so my poor white bulldog is mostly brown these days. Giving him a bath isn't an option...he weighs more than I do!! lol
Morning Sally, I think you need an outdoor shower for him. Max loves showers and the blow dryer, everyday when I dry my hair he has to come and make sure he gets his turn until I tell him how handsome he is. Just love that dog.
Today @ 11:53 am by kathredtiaraprincess
That Max is such a sweetie.
Today @ 2:28 pm by Sally Hackney
  35 pts
Friday @ 2:13 am
Loving this report! Teasers for friends abroad! Go Schenks family
That's a great clip and a really good ad for the show!
Friday @ 9:21 am by Sally Hackney
It is isn't it?
Friday @ 8:50 pm by kerry
  25 pts
04/16/14 @ 9:28 am
Morning cakers. Hope everyone is well. I got the laundry done but caught my finger in the door of the stupid washer at the laundromat and it took a huge chunk out of my finger....I bled all over the place....was terribly embarrassed and now have a nasty little wound to nurse. God please give me my normal life back!!! (just kidding.....I would not want that other life back....I just need this one to get on a normal track). When I get on my feet again believe me my first purchase will be a washer and dryer.
I totally relate. I feel like the animals at the zoo. This tiny apartment is driving the four of us completely bonkers. We only have two bedrooms and the kids are fighting constantly which i think is due to not having a space of their own. I miss my washer and dryer so much. It will get better for us my friend. I truly believe that. Just gotta hang tight and keep marching on. Hugs from me.
04/16/14 @ 9:36 am by cakesbycarla
Oh ykes must be something in the water, I did a similar thing nd caught my finger in the wrought iron on one of my chairs, painful for weeks.
Friday @ 2:16 am by kerry