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Kerry Vincent
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  150 pts
08/22/14 @ 6:16 pm
Hi to all my Cake Junkies, I am taking a late in the day break, working on my nieces wedding then off to touch up the house after I am done here. Guest from out of town will be arriving sometime afer midnight. Have a great weekend and lets keep Sandy and her family in our prayers.
Hope you enjoy your family visit Katherine! x
Wednesday @ 12:15 am by kerry
Hi Kath! Hope you enjoyed your weekend with your guests!
Wednesday @ 1:46 pm by Justin Lynch
I am glad it all worked out Justin we will look forward to seeing you next year. I am not sure that saying something positive about the show on FB would upset anyone at you work, if it did that would be very strange indeed.
Wednesday @ 2:19 pm by kerry
Sorry Kerry, I meant about me attending the show this year! I will always continue to support the show and spread as much word as I can about it! The OSSAS r
Wednesday @ 3:46 pm by Justin Lynch
Cont. the OSSAS is the best show in the world as far as I'm concerned and I think my whole work knows that and those who follow my FB. I never put anything on my FB I don't want people to see. Any posts that need to be shared regarding the show I will always do my part and share them!
Wednesday @ 3:48 pm by Justin Lynch
People have been asking me all along am I going to America in Sept. as they know how much it means to me! I just need to be sensitive this year and hold back. I would love to come I really would! But I will put all my efforts into my piece for next year and try to make it my best yet!
Wednesday @ 3:50 pm by Justin Lynch
I UNDERSTAND, don't worry. It was the way you wrote it. Sounded like you couldn't say anything.
Wednesday @ 3:59 pm by kerry
  100 pts
08/15/14 @ 12:21 am
Sorry I have been missing again, first couldn't get into FT, then was at the ICES convention, it was very quiet! Now busy getting the final plans sorted for the sugar art show.
Very time consuming, and I have just recovered and I am fine, from a broken ankle and a broken wrist. Has been very frustrating.
08/15/14 @ 12:22 am by kerry
Good greif girl...what in the world did you do to yourself?? Ouch!!! I think we've all been remiss in posting and the site has been down for some reason. I hope you aren't having to get around on crutches...I hate those things.
08/15/14 @ 8:26 am by Sally Hackney
Kerry, I am so sorry to hear that. Are you going to have help sorting everyting? I know you are very hands on.
08/15/14 @ 9:26 am by kathredtiaraprincess
I have passed the 7 weeks magic number for the joints knitting , but not up to full strength. I am sorting but a bit slower than usual Katharine, have been asking sponsrs to send a bit earlier to my load is gradual not everything hitting me all at once, It is stressful lifting.
08/15/14 @ 10:29 am by kerry
so not to above.
08/15/14 @ 10:29 am by kerry
Sorry to hear of your injuries, hope they will continue to strengthen and you'll be back up to speed again soon.
08/15/14 @ 12:36 pm by janell
Kerry, sounds like you've been in the wars! Hopefully you will be back to full health soon! A lot of rest isn't possible for you, especially this time of the year, but just take your time!
08/22/14 @ 2:50 am by Justin Lynch
Glad I can get back on here again. I emailed Waije and he fixed it, but not sure what is going on, he wants to know what we would suggest to get this back on trach -- any suggestions?
Wednesday @ 12:12 am by kerry
This is what he says: Would appreciate any feedback! Especially versus Facebook changes or fan pages on facebook versus here, etc. ... thoughts?
Wednesday @ 12:13 am by kerry
Kerry, I think this site could do with some updating. Maybe a more little easy to navigate especially with the logging in process. I'm not sure the coins and points need to be there any more, but maybe that's just my opinion? I find it slows a lot of computers down.
Wednesday @ 1:57 pm by Justin Lynch
This site could also be made into a smartphone app? I think it would definitely appeal to a lot more people then, as they are so easy to access!
Wednesday @ 1:59 pm by Justin Lynch
What I really dislike about FB is the sharing of all the graphic photos that will supposedly help animals/people. There's more chance of something being done if people actually become active and physically do something, not just share a photo.
Wednesday @ 2:03 pm by Justin Lynch
Justin I will let them know. How is the job process going???
Wednesday @ 2:16 pm by kerry
It would be nice if we were able to "edit" our posts instead of making another post to correct information.
Wednesday @ 3:06 pm by janell
Yes, there's only so much we can type into one post before it gets lost. It would be nice if that could be extended!
Wednesday @ 3:52 pm by Justin Lynch
I have copied your thoughts and will send on.
Wednesday @ 4:17 pm by kerry
  90 pts
Wednesday @ 7:54 pm
Hi everyone thank you for your prayers and thoughts.
Hi Sandy! So good to see you post. So many prayers have been coming your way.
Saturday @ 10:45 am by Sally Hackney
Look after yourself Sandy! Lots of love to you and your family!
Saturday @ 11:03 am by Justin Lynch
  85 pts
Wednesday @ 1:48 pm
Good evening friends! Well the job saga finally came to a close today; I am extremely pleased to announce that I am to keep my job! It is a huge relief and a massive weight off my shoulders. I have only mentioned this here and will not make an announcement on facebook as I don't want to upset any people I work with, so I am just telling my friends here. It's been a very difficult four and a half months, but now I can draw a line under it and move on.
However, I am extremely saddened to say that I will not be at the OSSAS this year. I think I could have pushed to attend as a visitor, but I think I would have been pushing my luck this year after what has gone on. This is extremely upsetting for me, the thought of not seeing you all for another year, but I feel it is the right thing to do! I WILL be back next year no matter what; I shall be starting on what I had planned for this year so that I have plenty of time for next year's show.
Wednesday @ 1:50 pm by Justin Lynch
Again, I am trying not to mention anything about the OSSAS on my FB page as I don't want to give anyone ammunition to use against me in any form; not to say they would, but I'm just being cautious. I have had my eyes opened the last few months, and I will use this lesson to make me a stronger person.
Wednesday @ 1:52 pm by Justin Lynch
I am at a crossroads in life at the moment, but I am hoping to kick myself up the arse and get back on with things real soon! I am over-sensitive, but I can't help but put other's feelings at heart.
Wednesday @ 1:53 pm by Justin Lynch
I have my graduation from uni two weeks tomorrow, so that chapter in my life will come to a close also. I'm hoping the last couple of months of this year will run smoother! Sorry for the long comments, but I like to keep you all up-to-date here!
Wednesday @ 1:54 pm by Justin Lynch
I'm so glad for you deserve only good things.
Wednesday @ 2:57 pm by Sally Hackney
Very happy that the job work out for you Justin. Will miss you at OSSAS but will look forward to seeing you next year. x
Wednesday @ 3:08 pm by janell
Thanks all! I would love if you could post loads of photos of this years OSSAS to make us feel like we're there! I will be watching every day! :-)
Wednesday @ 3:54 pm by Justin Lynch
Hi Justin, I am happy the job has worked out. It has been a trying four months for you. I would like to suggest a long bike ride to just enjoy the view. We will miss you at OSSA; however, you will be back in 2015.
Friday @ 9:27 am by kathredtiaraprincess
  70 pts
Friday @ 9:29 am
Good Morning Cake Junkies, I have decided to take out my laptop vs the Kindle to get some work done and pop in. I can not believe summer is over, where did it go? On Tuesday of this week, I realized Labor Day was on Monday - what happened? Life is good, lets slow it down a bit.
We are still in the 90's here. I saw a map from the almanac the other day and it looks like winter is going to be another stinker....ugh!
Saturday @ 10:46 am by Sally Hackney
Hi Kath! I can't believe it's autumn on Monday! Like you say, where has the summer gone?! It's already very autumnal here, what with the leaves changing colour and the temps dropping! Autumn is very much my favourite time of the year!
Saturday @ 11:03 am by Justin Lynch
  60 pts
Saturday @ 11:06 am
Good afternoon friends! A trip to Cardiff today to buy some clothes for my bike, spent a small fortune, but it's all necessary! Cardiff is crazy at the moment what with security and police everywhere; the preparations for Barrack Obama arriving next week for the NATO meetings is in full swing. I'm glad I won't be going anywhere near the area during those two days because it will be CHAOS! I'm feeling more like my old self again after some good news this week, so I plan to enjoy this weekend! Happy Saturday!
I know what you mean Justin, they shut everything down when he is in town. No fly zones, freeways blocked off, traffic all messed up. We have him coming for Labor Fest on Monday, glad I will be here in Mukwonago and not in Milwaukee..
Yesterday @ 2:55 pm by kathredtiaraprincess
Ever since I've gotten back to Lubbock I keep thinking I would like to go to Dallas just to look's been forever since I've been but I just don't think I could handle all the traffic and be able to get around. So glad to hear you're feeling better Justin. I still find myself being up one day and down the next. I'm sure it will get better in time.
Today @ 11:13 am by Sally Hackney
  60 pts
Yesterday @ 2:58 pm
Ah, finally the cafe is done for the day, clean up is complete and OSSA projects await. The rest of today and tomorrow all mine. Mike said he made dinneryesterday so today it is up to me. My thought was veggies from the garden eat all you want I will be home late. No, I think I will stop for something to throw on grill. Happy day
Hi Kath! Sounds good being able to go out into the garden to pick your own veggies. Hopefully tea was good!
Today @ 10:15 am by Justin Lynch
I used to love it when my mom would cook an all vegetable mean straight from the garden. Even though she didn't cook healthy...most of it was fried or smothered in butter.
Today @ 11:14 am by Sally Hackney
  50 pts
08/22/14 @ 2:56 am
Good morning all! I have been having issues getting in here again; this is the first time I've had access in a few days. I'd like to pass on my condolences to Sandy and her family, please know that we are all thinking of you! On the job fornt here... I have another meeting next Wednesday where they will undertake a skills matrix to evaluate who will be more suitable for the technician post (the post I already do) and hopefully by the end of next week it will all be resolved, after a very long four and a hal
I'm glad Sandy knows we care. I know we all feel helpless as to what to say but her knowing we care I pray will bring her comfort. Good luck next Wednesday. At least you will know something. fingers crossed!!!
08/22/14 @ 8:15 am by Sally Hackney
Crossing my fingers for you on the job situation. Yes, it is very sad news regarding Sandy and her family. Lets keep them in our prayers.
08/22/14 @ 6:14 pm by kathredtiaraprincess
Poor Sandy, how is she coping? Poor thing so sad.
Wednesday @ 12:16 am by kerry
Hope your job ends up in your pocket Justin!
Wednesday @ 12:17 am by kerry
  25 pts
08/21/14 @ 12:54 pm
Morning all. I'm sure we are all saddened by the awful news about Sandy's son. What an incredible loss. Sandy if you happen to come here please know we all are devastated for you and love you so much. I wish there were words to help but the only one I can think of is "love". We have so much of that for you.
Sending lots of thoughts to the family!
08/22/14 @ 2:52 am by Justin Lynch
Shame of it is we seem to inundated with sad and bad news.
Wednesday @ 12:18 am by kerry
  25 pts
08/15/14 @ 8:28 am
Happy Friday all! Well...I've gotten several pieces from garage sales and I've painted some of them and my little tiny duplex is starting to come together. It's actually starting to feel like home. I'm feeling pretty good about things and hope this trend continues. Hope you have a good, safe weekend!!
I love decorating with things I found, sounds like it is really nice.
08/15/14 @ 9:22 am by kathredtiaraprincess
Hi Sally! Glad that you are feeling positive there, here's hoping for some more good things to come your way!
08/22/14 @ 2:51 am by Justin Lynch
I recall you have done these things before and you are very good at it.
Wednesday @ 12:19 am by kerry
  25 pts
08/21/14 @ 10:06 pm
I just stopped by to drop a note to Sandy. If you happen to pop in, please know I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you are doing okay. Love to you and yours.
I agree Carla. Wish we could do more.
08/22/14 @ 8:14 am by Sally Hackney
I tink giving her a little space will help, she knows we are here for her when she is ready.
Wednesday @ 12:17 am by kerry
  10 pts
Today @ 11:16 am
Hi all...hope you're all doing well. I'm ok and still putting one foot in front of the other. I'm sure they're going to get me where I'm supposed to be going Hope you have a fun Labor Day.